Karen Kearney

Associate Broker
2020 #1 Buyer Agent in Kennebec County

I live in Randolph with my husband Bruce and our four beloved dogs Abygale, Max, Piper, and Lou. Although originally from Canada, I love my “adopted” country! I have become very involved in the community over the past 10+ years. I serve on a few non-profit boards, including the Kennebec Valley Humane Society and The Children’s Center. Giving back to my community through philanthropy is a passion of mine. I love the Kennebec Valley region and enjoy helping to make it the best place to live, work and play.
Prior to becoming a Realtor, my career spanned several decades in different customer service roles including several years as a small business owner. The skills I learned working in customer service have provided me with the right skills to assist both buyers and sellers. As a small business owner, I was able to get to know this community from a different perspective and gained valuable insight into the growth and stability of our region. I enjoy working with clients and have a keen ability to identify and assess customer needs to achieve satisfaction. I’m available, reliable, and dependable to my clients throughout the real estate process and together we make dreams come true!
For me, one of the reasons I truly love what I do is because of how much I enjoy spending time with my clients. I can help you buy and sell houses (and we’ll have a lot of fun!) but at the end of the day, it’s the people in those houses that make them homes. The relationships I have built with clients are so meaningful to me. Watching people sell a family home so they can move forward with retirement plans, helping a couple purchase their first home, or finding the dream home for a young family are the moments that make my career in real estate worthwhile and make me proud to be an agent with Laflin & Wolfington Realty.